• Custom eBook Creation and Publishing

    Whether you’re a self-publisher or a small-to-large publishing house, Wundr’s WundrPub service is an excellent option for custom eBook creation and publishing.


    WundrPub makes it easy to get eBooks created and published that look and work great across multiple devices and platforms. Highlights of the service are as follows:


    • Easy sign up and payment;
    • Affordable;
    • Content looks great and works on multiple devices and platforms;
    • Quick turnaround times;
    • Discounts available for volume publishing;
    • Publishing to mutiple eBookstores (Apple iBookstore, Amazon Kindle Store, Barnes and Noble Nook Store, Kobo); and
    • Sales stats updates and metadata changes.


    It’s easy to get started:

    WundrPub eBook Service

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  • EPUB 3: A Format for Every Kind of eBook

    EPUB 3, developed by the IDPF (International Digital Publishing Forum) is an excellent format for eBooks. It includes support for much of what we know as HTML-5 on the Web. That includes JavaScript, HTML-5 markup, CSS3, and much more.


    It opens the door to get interactive with eBooks and improves upon EPUB 2. At Wundr, we’ve invested in this format as our eBook desktop publishing program, Playwrite, is native to EPUB 3. Not all eBook Readers fully support all of the features and functionality of EPUB 3, but support and improvements have been forthcoming.


    EPUB vs. PDF


    Many people inquire about the benefits of EPUB vs. PDF. The main difference between the two formats is that EPUB is meant to reflow and PDF isn’t. Where one flows like water, the other is hopelessly fixed. With PDF, it’s effectively like a fixed piece of paper that is showing the reader close to an exact rendition of what cotent looks like printed on a piece of standard size paper.


    With EPUB, its essence is to flow. That is, it orients itself across multiple pages and multiple screen sizes. This is much different than PDF. A user will have difficulty interacting with content on say an iPhone reading a PDF document because he will have to pinch and zoom to properly see and read content. The EPUB document will present content to the user without the need for him to pinch and zoom. Fonts will be the right size, images will have scaled to fit the screen, and so forth.


    When the EPUB format is combined with the latest in responsive Web design, the benefits are even more pronounced. That’s what we’ve tapped into here at Wundr, by combining the best eBook format (EPUB) with the latest in responsive Web design.

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  • eBook Creation Software: Playwrite Available for Download

    Playwrite main interface

    Playwrite main interface

    eBook Creation Software

    If you haven’t checked out Playwrite yet, head over to the Mac App Store and pick up a copy. Playwrite is Wundr’s eBook creation software for Mac. It’s used by self-publishers all the way to larger publishing houses.


    Here are some benefits of Playwrite:


    • Content works on all devices: built into Playwrite is a responsive framework so the eBooks you create once in Playwrite morph and respond to accomodate multiple devices;
    • It’s easy to use. Playwrite is intuitive and designed specifically for the creation of eBooks;
    • Playwrite’s native file format is ePub 3. What-you-see-is-what-you-get. No other eBook creation¬†software works in this way;
    • Easy to create rich content: drag and drop images and video into your project; and
    • You can create as many eBooks as you like with Playwrite: you’re not locked into a platform having to pay for each file/conversion.


    Playwrite is available on the Mac App Store for $49.95.

    Buy Playwrite

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